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Episode Review: Valvrave the Liberator

April 15, 2013

Ratings(out of 5 *s):

Story:  ****

art/animation:  ****

Voice Acting:  ***

Overall:  ****

Valvrave the Liberator looks like it has the potential to be a very good mecha anime.  Most of humanity lives in space now on Dyson spheres.  The sphere that serves as the setting for the show is one that is apparently trying to maintain neutrality in some conflict.  Needless to say, others do not want to allow that nuetrality.  The series protagonist is Haruto Tokishima, who is the living embodiment of that nuetrality concept.  He is a high school student who wants t avoid conflict with his other students.  Eventually pushed too far, he does fight back.  Being just the first episode it is almost impossible to say too much concerning the plot without spoiling it, so pardon the briefness.


This is a show which does a bunch of things right.  Art/animation looks good.  Voice acting is solid.  The story is where the show really stands out, with multiple surprising moments, a story that hooks you in and keeps your attention, and characters with alot of promise.  I strongly recommend watching this series, it looks as if it could be one of the better ones of the spring season.


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