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Episode Review: Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos W Episode 1 and 2

April 15, 2013

Ratings(out of 5 *s):

Story:  ****

art/animation:  ****

Voice Acting:  *****

Overall:  *****

Since I am behind, 2 episodes for the price of 1.  Nyarko-san season 1 is one of my favorite anime of all time.  The concept is simple yet awesome:  the gods of the Cthulu mythos, brought to life moe style.  Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos becomes Nyaruko, she who crawls up to you with a smile.  Cthuga becomes Kuko, but becomes a flat chested red haired girl with a major crush on Nyaruko.  Hastur becomes Hasuta, a young boy who embodies all things BL(boys love), and is voiced by the wonderful Rie Kugimiya(voice of Shana, Taiga, Nagi, Louise among others) in a cross dressing roll.  The show is absurdest comedy at it’s best, and season 1 often had my doubled up laughing.  Nyaruko is voiced by Kana Asumi, and is one of my two favorite voice acting jobs ever.  She brings the hyperactive, not too bright, and downright weird title character to life.  Speaking of voice actors, the lead of the series, Mahiro Yasaka is voiced by Eri Kitamura, possibly best known in the US as the voice of Yui from Angel Beats.  She does a good enough job that I did not realize it was a female doing a male voice until I looked up the voice actors.  He is Nyaruko’s love interest(though he is not really interested), and perpetual straight man.

This second season of the show starts off wonderfully, with episode 1 opening with a tribute to the TV show Bewitched, and throwing about 100 more shout outs and references to other shows and pop culture references.  It never slows down, and I never stopped laughing.  Everything that made season 1 great was present, and more.  Episode 2 is a little slower, not as over the top funny, but has an actual bit of a plot.  This series is easily top 3 for the spring season, and my personal favorite so far.  I simply cannot recommend it enough.


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