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Episode Review: Majestic Prince Episode 1

April 11, 2013

Ratings(out of 5 *s):

Story:  ***

art/animation:  ***

Voice Acting:  **

Overall:  ***


Majestic Prince is a classic example of a show that is not great, not bad.  It just kinda sits there, entertaining for what it is, but nothing special.  There is however some evidence that it could improve as the story gets moving.  While I am not excited about this show, I am somewhat looking forward to the next episode.


The premise of the show is pretty simple.  In the future, teenagers are piloting giant fighting mecha, fighting to save Earth from the evil alien Urgal.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Team Rabbit is a group of trainees who are dead last in their class.  When an outpost is in danger of being overrun, they are called upon to delay the evil enemy so the people there can be evacuated.   The premise is old and worn, but at the same time comfortable and fun.  The characters are copied almost directly from every other anime, archetypes we have seen dozens of times before…but those archetypes are popular because they do work.  Fight scenes are nicely done, the artwork is overall decent but not great.


As should be obvious from the above, this show has average written all over it so far.  Not bad, not good, not original.  But, the reason I watch anime is that I do enjoy the format, the storytelling conventions, the cliches.  Because of that, I would have to call the show, moreso than anything else, enjoyable.  It is not going to be a show I am likely to consider one of the best of the spring season, but so far it is staying in my queue as worth the 25 minute investment each week.



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