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Statement of Purpose, and Stuffz

April 10, 2013



This is here simply as a form of mental masturbation…and as an exercise for my hands.  See, I am recovering from this stupid thing called Guillain‐Barré syndrome and getting coordination back in my hands is a slow process(not to mention legs, which is even slower, and do not even get me started on getting feeling back in my feet).  Part of the idea of this is to have to type more, and use that to get my coordination back.  it’s an exercise.  Plus, I do mini little reviews of anime shows I watch all the time with a friend at a message board, spamming the hell out of his private message inbox.  So why not put both together and make a blog, which even saves me having to spam his inbox.


So what I will be doing, for as long as I keep up interest, is posting reviews(and maybe news) about anime, manga, and whatever else happens to catch my interest.  I have about 10 shows I am watching in the spring 2013 season, and little reviews of each episode should keep me busy.  In addition, I have a decent library of anime DVD/BRs, plus manga and light novels.  Will work my way through those as time and my interest permits.


About me:  It’s none of your damn business.  Get off my lawn you young punks.


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